9587 Weston Rd #7, Vaughan, Ontario L4H 3A5, Canada

Vellore Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

9587 Weston Rd #7, Vaughan, Ontario L4H 3A5, Canada


Chiropractic follows the simple and basic scientific truth that the entire human body works under the control and command of the nervous system. As long as your nervous system is signaling up and down your body at 100%, you can be fully healthy. If there is pressure or interference upon your nervous system (on the spinal cord or spinal nerves) then your health and healing ability will be less than 100%. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Vaughan, make a stop at Vellore Chiropractic & Wellness Centre! Our multi-disciplinary health clinic is located in Vaughan, Ontario. Our team of providers is dedicated to providing comprehensive chiropractic care for patients of all ages. Our goal is to help you achieve your wellness goals through a range of natural treatment options. Whether you are suffering from an injury or chronic condition, our experienced chiropractor can help you find relief. Dr. Matthew Bortolussi offers a range of services including spinal adjustments, massage therapy, and physical rehabilitation therapies such as exercise prescriptions and therapeutic exercises.

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9587 Weston Rd #7, Vaughan, Ontario L4H 3A5, Canada
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