Soccer Stars Academy Fenham

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SoccerWorld Newcastle West Road, Newcastle, England NE4 9LG, United Kingdom
Soccer Stars Academy Fenham
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Soccer Stars Academy Fenham

SoccerWorld Newcastle West Road, Newcastle, England NE4 9LG, United Kingdom


Kids Football Coaching for All Ages and Skill Levels
From the extremely first steps to age nine, we provide kids football programs, sessions, and events for each age and skill level.
We provide a program for you whether you wish to replace your child's electronics with enjoyable physical activities that enhance their motor skills, balance, and movement, or you want to expose your toddler to sport in a sociable and noncompetitive setup.
Given that we assume that every child can learn something by means of sports, each of our four football classes is designed to maximize the developmental stages of each child's age array.

Football Classes for Toddlers
We provide two of our four programs specifically designed to help infants develop a love of football and learn exactly how to exercise in a fun method while still in their early years
Stardust-- from 18 months to 3 years.
The first classes in our growth program are called Twinkle Stars Parents and kids love these interesting and entertaining programs for children aged 18 months, 2 years, and 3 years old.
The goal of the sessions is to sustain children's social and motor development, consisting of movement-based balance. Engaging in our entertaining games additionally supports their active, autonomous interaction.

3 to 4 years old Bright Stars.
When the Twinkle Star toddlers are prepared to start learning the fundamentals of football, our Bright Stars programs are available.
They will have already worked on their balance and movement by the time they are three or four years old. We increase on this with more ball skills, all in maintaining with our class concept of constantly having fun.
However we also want every child to grow in confidence and cognitive abilities, and we do this by including weekly themes and engaging in entertaining, thrilling soccer-related games.

Football lessons for kids
Our two age-appropriate skill-focused classes, which are designed for children five years old and above, enhance our array of entertaining football tasks.

Five to six-year-old Shooting Stars
The following session is our 5- to 6-year-old Shooting Stars program, which is skill-focused and aims to boost football-related abilities like passing, tackling, dribbling, shooting technique, and ball control.
This lays the groundwork for sound football method, which eventually increases the game's pleasure and contentment while additionally reducing the risk of injury.
Most of all, we make certain that kids' football in Fenham is always enjoyable. In our Shooting Star sessions, we additionally present our "Skills to beat players model" and stress the value of being an excellent sport.

Super Stars: aged seven to nine
The goal of the Super Stars classes is to progress the knowledge and abilities from the prior session.
With sessions that foster game awareness, spatial reaction, and an intro to the many positions in a football game, we put a strong emphasis on the game's bigger picture.
These Super Star sessions for ages 7, 8, and 9 continue where the Shooting Stars lessons ended, emphasizing advanced ball abilities to beat players while consistently promoting excellent sportsmanship and ensuring every child has fun and appreciates themselves.

Advantages of Our Football Courses
Our coaches have actually carefully picked each of our centers in Fenham, Scotland, and around the nation to foster play, teamwork, and enjoyable games that develop critical football and non-football abilities.
Our kid-friendly soccer sessions take place once a week and are a great deal of fun for everybody. They additionally give some important advantages for your child's overall development and standard motor skills.
Your child will make obvious development in this sport, both on and off the field, from session to session.


SoccerWorld Newcastle West Road, Newcastle, England NE4 9LG, United Kingdom
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