Walk-In Care For Adults: Urgency is our priority

Offered by Century Medical & Dental Center

In Century Medical and Dental Center walk-in patients are always welcomed since urgency is our priority. We treat patients with both major and minor illnesses. Patients will receive comprehensive evaluation and treatment of non-life-threatening illnesses. In today’s busy environment, besides your health, we know how precious your time is. If you simply did not have time to make the appointment and you need a non-urgent appointment such as regular check-up, our friendly receptionists will gladly get you ready to see the doctor.

Multi-specialty clinic

In Century Medical and Dental Center we will treat all non-life-threatening illnesses such as urinary tract infection, high blood pressure, high blood sugar in diabetic patients, sore through, cold with high fever, flu, minor cuts and other. Our “primary care doctor near me” and nurses will give the proper medical treatment together with Labs, vaccines, ultrasound and occupational medicine available if needed.

Patients will consult with the doctor, will be advised on the proper medications and asked to come back for the follow up depending on their condition. Our goal is to keep all our patients healthy and provide medical assistance when they need it.

Doctor consultations

Century Medical and Dental Center welcomes also walk-in patients who need a regular check-up, annual physicals or just to consult with the doctor. Because we respect and understand your busy schedule we will have the minimum wait time before seeing the doctor. Our multi-specialty clinic will provide complete care to all patients by having different specialists available if the patients require further medical treatments. So if you walked in just to consult with the primary care and you need to see the specialist our broad spectrum of board-certified specialists will be there for you to help you. Gastroenterologist, ophthalmologist, pulmonologist, cardiologist and others will treat all out walk-in patients together with the primary care doctor.

Best possible care

In Century Medical and Dental Center we understand how busy and unpredictable schedules can be. For us, health is what matters the most so not having the appointment should never put your health in danger. This is why our clinic will always gladly accept urgency and non-urgency walk-in adult patients. Because we care. We care about each an every individual that walks in our clinic and our goal is to provide the best possible care to everyone when they need it. Health is the most precious of all possessions and we know that.

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