Uneven Bite Treatment in Bronx

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An uneven bite after a filling is very common and can easily be fixed by your dentist open on Saturday if that fits best in your schedule. Your Bronx dental provider works to correct bite problems with a teeth bite adjustment. This involves biting onto a special paper that shows where the bite problems are. You may have an uneven bite after fillings or crowns, or you may have had one since childhood. Trust your Bronx, NY dentist to fix your uneven bite.

Few people have a perfect bite. A correct bite aligns your teeth precisely, not only showing a beautiful smile but making eating and speaking easy to manage. Some people have an obvious overbite or underbite, with teeth that are noticeably misaligned. Others have a crooked or twisted smile because of their teeth. Most people with an uneven bite, though, have more subtle abnormalities.

An uneven bite is more than just an issue for a cosmetic dentist. An uneven bite puts a strain on the mechanics of your jaw and teeth. You may experience jaw pain and discomfort. There’s even a risk of tooth decay and tooth loss. Your dentist (open on Sunday) works to not only correct your bite but find the underlying cause.

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