The Best Website for Teacher Lesson Plans and Back to School Resources

Are you searching for the best educational website for teacher lesson plans, worksheets, activities, booklets, posters and more? If the answer is yes, then you need to visit the Resources for Teaching website! They have a wonderful collection of highly useful materials that will save you valuable time and energy when you return to school. We know that quality materials make a huge difference in the classroom. Engaging and authentic material allow the teacher to tap into the cognitive needs of each learner and sets them up for success in attainment of new skills and knowledge. For this reason, our resources have been thoughtfully created by teachers for teachers and tested in many classrooms around the world. 

An effective lesson plan for teachers can make the difference between a light bulb going off or on in our students’ heads. For this reason, its crucial to choose a high-quality lesson plan or template for the Australian curriculum that meets specific year level requirements and provides valuable learning experiences. Before using any pre-made lesson plan, check that it has the following:

-    Clear and measurable lesson objectives
-    A description of materials required
-    Learning activities that align with the objectives and offer meaningful experiences
-    Assessment such as quizzes, in class group assignments or presentations
-    Evaluation and reflections to build stronger lessons in the future

Before heading back to school, consider if your resources from last year will be relevant and useful for your new students. If you need some extra materials and activities, visit the Resources for Teaching website for a wide collection of printable worksheets, task cards, lessons, workbooks, posters, games and so much more! We have resources that are great for the first few week backs at school that will save you valuable preparation time and energy.

Here are some of our best-selling ‘Back to School’ resources:

1.Early Finisher Task Cards for Students in Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 Bundle Deal!

These 132 bright and engaging task cards are perfect for all primary school classrooms. Plenty of activities to reinforce skills your students have learnt that will keep them busy all year through! Students can simply swap cards or pick one up when they have finished their work early. This gives you the opportunity to work with kids who are struggling with their work whilst giving something thought-provoking to the others.

No need to worry about waste! With these task cards simply print and laminate to be used repeatedly as a lifelong tool. The bundle comes in handy for casual teachers who work with children across the stages as well as classroom teachers to prepare for future years ahead or provide more complex/ easier tasks to their children depending on their ability.

2.Ice Breaker Slides

The perfect back to school activity for classmates to get to know each other. Includes 30 engaging multiple-choice questions to spark new ideas and creativity. Students will find similarities and differences with their peers and share interesting conversations using these icebreakers!

3.Classroom Posters: Fractions for Year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6!

These 16 brightly coloured fraction posters are designed to use in your classroom to help students see various models used to represent the following fractions: one whole, one half, one third, one fourth/ one quarter, one fifth, one sixth, one seventh and one eighth. Plenty of posters to match various abilities of students from Year 1 to Year 6.

4.Snakes and Ladders Printable Games: Kindergarten and Year 1 Students 

Learning how to read words with digraphs can be tricky for young students, this resource is perfect for kindergarten and Year 1 students who can improve their abilities to read common words with blends! It includes 10 games of Snakes and Ladders that focus on particular digraph groups, each type of blend is colour coded for students to make connections between the same sounds in different words. Each game has a range of different words for students to practice reading and is great for literacy rotations!

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