Tax levy

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Tax levy

A tax levy is the stuff of nightmares — and it’s a sign that you’ve let your tax problems get away from you. A tax levy allows the IRS to garnish your wages or even seize your property to settle your tax debt. IRS wage garnishment and property seizures are real and every bit as intimidating as you can imagine.

tax lien isn’t the same as an IRS levy. A lien is a claim on your home or office. When you sell it, the IRS gets what you owe first, before you get anything. A levy is a legal seizure of your property. The type of property that the IRS can legally take away from you includes:

  • Funds from your bank
  • Assets in other financial accounts
  • Real estate
  • Vehicles
  • Personal property, such as art, electronics, furniture and other items of value

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