Signs Your House Is Infested With Mold

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Molds can be found virtually anywhere, but your home is one of the most common places you’ll find them. Unfortunately, these microscopic little fungi can cause some big problems if you don’t catch them right away. Learn how to spot the symptoms of mold in your house, so you can remove and prevent these growths from spreading any further than they already have.

Wood Patches Are Affected

Mold tends to affect wood patios and flooring. The best way to prevent it from damaging your home is to ensure moisture does not get trapped underneath your property. If it does, however, mold will grow and spread in a hurry. Look for signs of discoloration on wood patches near doors or windows. This could be an indication that water has been trapped under there, causing mold growth. You should have these spots checked out immediately!

Crawl Space Have Stains

The crawl space or attic are common places for mould to grow. If you have a crawl space, check it to see if there are any stains. Run your fingers along the walls of your crawl space and feel for cracks in drywall, loose carpeting, or holes where pipes pass through. If your crawl space has the stains, your best bet would be mold remediation Toronto.

Surface Cracks Appear on Walls

Cracks in walls are an important sign that mold might be present and growing. Mold can also cause damage to your house, too, which is a major red flag that you have a problem on your hands. You’ll want to take action right away if you notice cracks forming in your wall, be it plaster or drywall, as they could be signalling larger problems down the road.

A Strong Musty Odor

The first sign that mold has invaded your home comes in the form of a musty odor. If you smell a pungent, stale scent on more than one occasion and it lingers, there’s a good chance that mould has taken up residence somewhere in your house. Keep an eye and call a professional mold removal Toronto company.

Formation of Fungus on Furniture and Bathroom Surfaces

You might think you don’t have mould growing in your house, but that can be difficult to see from your perspective. Look at bathroom surfaces and anywhere else on your furniture where moisture may build up. If you find any brown or black spots that appear to be growing, it could be a sign of mould growth.

Visible Spots on Carpets and Rugs

Do you see discolouration on your carpets and rugs? This discolouration could be black mold. Mold spores can travel inside your house through air conditioning, heating vents, and even cracked windows. The presence of visible mould spots is a telltale sign that there’s a mould problem in your home. Some species of mould are relatively harmless; other species can cause allergic reactions or illness if they spread to other areas.

If you notice any signs of mould infestation and looking for attic mold removal Toronto, please hire a professional mold removal company.

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