Shoulder Pain Treatment in NYC

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You can often stop shoulder pain with rest, but shoulder pain treatment shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’ve hurt the joint, you need medical attention to restore the full range of motion and strength. And if you suffered a shoulder injury, visit a shoulder specialist who understands you and your lifestyle to receive the most appropriate shoulder joint pain treatment. See the New York Pain Care experts for treatment for all other types of shoulder pain. Call for a consultation.

Should I Worry About Shoulder Pain?
Shoulder pain affects the quality of your life by hindering your capacity to do normal daily tasks or even to do your work. With so much activity and flexibility in your shoulder, it’s a joint that’s prone to injuries and requires immediate pain treatment by an experienced doctor. Get help when your shoulder’s sore instead of worrying about it.

Your shoulders allow a wide range of motion. Any condition or injury affecting any shoulder component can lead to incapacitating shoulder pain and problems with flexibility. If you experience right shoulder pain, left shoulder pain or another form of discomfort in your shoulder, consult a pain specialist for immediate diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Amr Hosny and the team of pain management specialists at New York Pain Care can deliver an early diagnosis of your shoulder pain. Located in Midtown Manhattan, the Financial District and Greenwich Village — as well as in Paramus, Riverdale, Englewood Cliffs, Cranford and East Brunswick, New Jersey — the team offers treatment for a wide range of painful conditions.

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