School bus accident lawyer

School bus accident today near me

No parent wants to hear about a school bus accident today near me, and yet when it happens, you rush to your child. Once you’ve taken care of any medical needs, which you hope are minor, your next thought may be to hold those liable for the accident accountable for their actions. That’s when you need an experienced school bus accident lawyer. Find the best in New Jersey at RAM Law. Call today for guidance and representation.

How Bad Are School Bus Accidents?

School bus accidents involve local school buses, either when they’re empty or when they’re full of school children. Buses of any type, including tour buses and city transit buses, are large vehicles, compared to the other vehicles on city streets. That means they can do a lot of damage to other vehicles, drivers and property when they’re in an accident.

Of course, school bus accidents have serious consequences particularly due to the children who may be involved. Because most school buses aren’t equipped with seatbelts, any traffic accident involving a school bus full of kids has to be one of the most distressing situations for everyone.

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