Rectal Bleeding Treatment in NYC

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What Is Rectal Bleeding?

Rectal bleeding (medically known as hematochezia) refers to any blood passing from your anus. However, rectal or anal bleeding is commonly assumed to refer to bleeding from the rectum or your colon. It can manifest as blood in your stool, toilet paper, or the toilet bowl. The blood in the stool caused by rectal bleeding from the anus can range from bright red to dark maroon to a dark tarry color.

Rectal bleeding can be a symptom of colorectal or anal cancer, which can be treated if caught early. In addition to a complete physical exam and medical history, colonoscopy is the gold standard for visual evaluation of your colon for an accurate diagnosis. It can detect polyps, mass lesions, abnormalities of the intestine lining, and a variety of other causes of your symptoms.

This condition can also be caused by bleeding hemorrhoids, anal fissures, colitis, or other diagnosable and treatable conditions. Disorders higher up in the digestive tract can also lead to bleeding from the anus.

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