Post-Laminectomy Syndrome Treatment NYC

Potential complications from surgery are a given. And since your spine is the nexus of all your bodily functions, it’s vital that you experience as few side effects from a procedure as possible. A failed back surgery from a laminectomy, during which your back undergoes enormous stress, seems to be so common that it even has a name — post-laminectomy syndrome. If that sounds like it describes your situation, don’t wait to call on the expertise of post-laminectomy syndrome experts at pain management in NYC to find pain relief you can count on.

A laminectomy, also referred to as decompression surgery, is designed to ease the pressure on your spinal cord by creating more space around the affected area to alleviate the symptoms of a compressed spinal cord. If you underwent a laminectomy when you had pressure on your spinal cord, you thought it would reduce your back pain and disability.

But if the surgical procedure didn’t solve your problem, you may be suffering additional pain, discomfort and limited mobility due to the failed surgery. In fact, your failed back surgery symptoms, such as the lingering pain, may actually end up being worse than the original discomfort. The situation may even lead to depression and anxiety. After all, you went through a rigorous procedure, and yet now you feel worse than ever.

You don’t have to continue suffering. The top-rated back pain specialists in Manhattan at NYC pain management offer solutions based on the latest pain control techniques. Using a multidisciplinary approach to relieve your pain, the pain doctors in New York have extensive experience treating what you may now have, which is called post-laminectomy syndrome.

Surgical Matters

The laminectomy surgery may have involved the removal of bone or bone growths called spurs, parts of a vertebral disc or the entire disc where the pain was located. The spinal cord is so vital to your health, but so easily compressed. Any number of diseases or injuries can end up causing you pain. Some of the reasons for pressure on your spine or nerve roots include:

  • Injury
  • A herniated disc
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Tumors
  • Arthritis

All surgeries have the potential for complications. Back surgery has many of the same complications — like bleeding, infection, nerve injury, blood clots or anesthesia complications — as other invasive procedures. A back surgery carries more specific complications, like spinal fluid leak or post-laminectomy syndrome.

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