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Marriages aren’t all storybook endings. Some end in divorce. But along the way, you both make decisions that affect your union. If you’re having trouble in your marriage — whether it’s due to money issues, infidelity or communication breakdown — you owe it to yourselves to try to work things out before the problems tear you apart. Online Psychiatrists — serving couples in NY, NJ and FL — offers marriage counseling services to help you not only save your marriage, but strengthen it. Call today.

What Is Marriage Counseling?
A type of talk therapy or psychotherapy that involves couples in a committed relationship, marriage counseling guides a couple towards healthy conflict resolution. Part of the solution invariably includes learning more effective means of communication, which strengthens the bonds and creates greater intimacy.

Often provided by licensed therapists with extensive training, marriage counseling sessions are targeted and time-bound. Sometimes, there’s one driving issue that’s causing problems in the relationship. Other times, the situation is more complex. The sessions are designed to help you and your significant other work together to solve the conflict and save the relationship or whether the marriage should be dissolved.

Marriage counseling isn’t just for heterosexual couples in legally recognized marriages. Those in committed relationships as a couple, regardless of sexual orientation benefit from this approach to problem-solving. If you’re in Florida, New Jersey or New York, you can find a compassionate psychotherapist at Online Psychiatrists.

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