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New York Pain Care has some of the country’s top back pain specialists to treat your lower back pain. Whether you suffered an accident or have a chronic medical condition, these NYC lower back pain specialists deliver a thorough diagnosis and the best treatment to get you out of pain. At New York Pain Care, you have access to immediate appointments, including during early morning and evening hours, in eight convenient locations in NYC and NJ. This has been a top-rated practice for 10 years in a row by Castle Connolly.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?
Most lower back pain is due to a mechanical malfunction, such as a problem with the way the parts of your spine, nerves and back muscles work together. There are two types of lower back pain: acute, which lasts less than two weeks, and chronic, which lasts longer and requires stronger pain management treatments. Many possible reasons exist for lower back pain, including:

  • Congenital causes that come from a developmental spinal irregularity
  • Injuries from an accident or simply lifting something the wrong way
  • Degenerative problems, such as when the discs, joints or bones of your spine wear down with age
  • Spinal cord or nerve problems, like sciatica, that occur when pressure on a nerve runs from your lower spinal column to your legs
  • Non-spine causes, such as from infections, tumors or pregnancy

No matter what the cause of your lower back pain, get it treated properly to address the underlying issue. The back pain specialists at New York Pain Care not only get you back to your normal routines, but they also prevent a recurrence of the pain.

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