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Kinesiotaping is a physical therapy treatment that’s used in all specialties of rehabilitation to mimic the pressure and support of a therapist’s hands with elastic tape. This treatment technique was first used in the 1970s and has since become a common modality used in pain management, soft tissue recovery, joint alignment, and more. Physical Therapists NYC often uses kinesiotape treatment to give our patients long-lasting pain relief after leaving the office.

How Does Kinesiotaping Work

Kinesiotape is elastic in nature, which is unlike athletic tape, a more rigid taping method. Kinesiotape is designed to be stretchy and serve as a gentle reminder to support your therapy through proper posture and movements. There are several different ways this reminder works to keep your muscles from forgetting your therapeutic lessons.

  • Corrects muscles. Kinesiology tape gently supports muscles during movement, providing just enough to give you more stamina and allow the muscles to heal correctly.
  • Better circulation. Proper taping can improve circulation and boost lymphatic flow when there is a problem. This leads to faster healing and recovery times.
  • Better joint movement. Keeping the joints moving on track is important for injury recovery and taping can help you maintain proper positioning outside of therapy.
  • Pain relief. There’s an analgesic effect to kinesiotaping. Yes, it’s similar to how children feel like a bandaid helps all injuries. Having tape on injured regions is comforting and provides the feeling of constant stretch.
  • Microscopic space. When the tape is applied to your skin, is rebounds slightly and creates a space between the skin and the tissue underneath, providing extra room for movement and blood flow.
  • Changing sensory signals. It’s believed that the use of tape changes the way your body’s sensory nervous system processes pain. By lifting the skin and relieving pressure from those tissues, the signals of pain are reduced.

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