Disc Replacement Surgery in Edison NJ

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When an intervertebral disc weakens or gets damaged, it throws your whole spine out of whack. You may develop chronic pain, and no matter you do, the pain continues. Since discs in your neck and your lower back are the most apt to need help, a cervical disc replacement surgery and lumbar disc replacement surgery are the two go-to procedures. In these procedures, your neuro surgeon removes the damaged disc and replaces it with an artificial one. Call Premier Brain & Spine in NJ and in NY for this proven technique.

Disc replacement is an advanced spinal surgery to replace a damaged intervertebral disc. The artificial replacement disc is either metallic or plastic. The procedure effectively resolves a painful disc that’s been affecting your quality of life. If you have persistent back pain, a top spinal surgeon can replace a worn out or damaged disc to relieve the pain and improve your back’s range of motion.

Intervertebral discs between your vertebrae provide cushioning to allow spinal flexibility and movement. The spinal bones or vertebrae move smoothly with a cushioning disc separating them. With age, these discs suffer from wear and tear, diseases and injuries.

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