Cardiology in Brooklyn

Offered by Century Medical & Dental Center (Flatbush)

Cardiology is a specialty that deals with your heart. Your cardiologist diagnoses and treats a wide range of heart problems. He’s a cardiologist you can trust. If you need it, you’ll also find a pediatric cardiologist in the Century Medical and Dental practice. When you need experienced cardiology doctors, you’ll find surgical expertise and lifestyle guidance at our clinic in Brooklyn.

Derived from the Greek words “cardia” and “logy,” the practice of cardiology refers to the study of the heart. Your cardiology specialist treats diseases and conditions of the heart ranging from congenital defects to those that develop later in life, such as coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure.

When your general internal medicine doctor suspects you have an underlying heart condition, they will refer you to a cardiology doctor.

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