Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy in NYC

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Vestibular rehabilitation training is a physical therapy, exercise-based program that’s designed to improve balance and help people who experience dizziness. If you’re having balance-related problems, vertigo, or recurring dizziness, connect with Physical Therapists NYC to see how we can help.

What is Vestibular Physical Therapy

Vestibular physical therapy can help when the patient’s dizziness, vertigo, or balance problems are related to an injury or a disability within the vestibular system. Your vestibular system is comprised of several tracts with the main components being found in the inner ear. Within this system, there are receptors that transmit information to the brain. Its main responsibility is to notify the brain of positioning so you can keep your balance and equilibrium.

If there has been an injury to the vestibular system the body will compensation for this, but it can be confusing to the brain and the individual will feel dizziness, have vertigo, and/or suffer from balance problems. Vestibular therapy/training works by using the body’s natural inclination to compensate and training the patient to use alternative signals from other systems to relearn how to balance. For these individuals, having vestibular training can return them to normal function and they will once again experience confidence in their activities.

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