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When you experience back pain, rely on the expertise and experience of the best Midtown back pain specialist to receive the most accurate diagnosis and treatment. Herniated disc treatments can drastically affect your quality of life, so don’t wait to call — learn how to fix a herniated disc so you can return to your active lifestyle. Your specialist at Pain Management NYC is nearby to help you protect and care for your back and spine.

At the top pain center in Manhattan, like Pain Management NYC, your doctor talks to you about herniated disc treatments if he determines that one or more of your vertebral discs has developed a leak. These types of problems are also referred to as a ruptured disc, bulging disc, protruding disc, or slipped disc. The result is usually a painful pinched nerve.

Causes of Herniated Disc Symptoms
A herniated disc usually results from normal age-related wear and tear, which causes a condition called disc degeneration. Another cause that may force you to search for injury doctors near me is a sudden injury resulting from the muscles supporting your spine losing their strength and flexibility.

  • ccupations that require lots of heavy lifting
  • Poor lifting technique, especially over time,which causes repetitive motion injuries
  • Genetic conditions or a propensity for back problems in your family
  • Significant or sudden weight gain

The overriding concern regarding herniated discs is the compression of adjacent nerves. If the compression is related to a herniated disc in your neck, you may have numbness, tingling, and loss of function in your arms and fingers. You may also lose your ability to turn your head. Lumbar herniated disc compression commonly affects a bundle of nerves near your waist in your lower spine. This compression may necessitate immediate medical attention to avoid permanent nerve damage in your lower abdomen and legs.

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