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Root canal treatment also known as root canal therapy, is a safe, effective procedure that can save and repair teeth that have become severely infected. An endodontist removes infected pulp and nerve from the tooth’s root, cleans and shapes the inside of the root canal, then fills and seals the space. This treatment helps relieve painful toothaches and preserve the appearance of your smile. With this procedure, root-treated teeth can be fully restored and function for years. Recovery after the root canal is quick when you visit our endodontist, who is also the best-rated root canal specialist in Yonkers.

A root canal infection may require emergency treatment. If you have a toothache and suspect you might have an infected tooth, don’t delay root canal therapy and see your local dentist immediately.

An untreated tooth infection can become life-threatening when the infection spreads beyond the tooth roots. When a tooth infection becomes particularly bad and develops into an abscess, often the only solution is to remove the tooth, allowing the abscess to drain and getting rid of the infection.

When Would You Need A Root Canal Therapy?
Therapy is needed if your tooth nerve inside the tooth pulp has become diseased, infected, or severely inflamed. The tooth pulp is located right in the center of the tooth, but it can become damaged through trauma or because a tooth has deep decay.

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