Ovarian Torsion Treatment in Brooklyn

Ovarian torsion is a gynecological emergency that requires immediate surgery. This very rare condition results from the rotation of the ovary along its pedicle that holds it in place. Such a rotation blocks the ovarian artery and sometimes the ovarian vein as well to break off the blood supply to the ovary resulting in severe abdominal pain. Fortunately, this condition isn’t very common, with only about 3% of the gynecological emergencies accounting from ovarian torsion. 70% of the ovarian torsion cases occur in 20 to 39 year old women, which means women in the reproductive age group are at a higher risk.

What Causes Ovarian Torsion
Ovarian torsion is generally preceded by an ovarian mass. The corpus luteum is a small structure that forms in the ovary after the ovum that was released fails to fertilize. In reproductive women, this process occurs almost every month, which may result in the corpus luteal cysts that sometimes grow into large masses. Such large cysts and ovarian tumors may produce a mass effect on the ovary to result in torsion. Some other causes of ovarian torsion also include internal bleeding and over stimulation of the ovaries.

Abdominal Pain isSymptom
The commonest and often very first symptom of ovarian torsion is acute and sudden abdominal pain. Usually, the pain appears in the lower abdomen on the affected side alone. Almost 70% of the women with ovarian torsion also experience nausea and vomiting. Generally, ovarian torsion involves only one ovary at a time and tends to affect the right ovary more often.

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