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Lymphatic drainage massage treatment, sometimes referred to as manual lymph drainage, is a gentle form of massage that’s used to relieve swelling in the lymph nodes. In most cases, this swelling is caused by lymphedema or the draining of the lymph fluid into soft tissue. It’s most common in breast cancer patients but can occur with other cancer surgeries, radiation treatment, and other medical conditions.

At Physical Therapists NYC, we can help patients who are suffering from painful swelling due to a collection of lymph. Lymphedema happens when your body’s tissues hold onto fluid that normally would have returned to the heart by way of the lymph vessels and lymph nodes. If something disrupts this normal process, the fluid collects and as more and more collects there is more swelling, pressure, and pain. Our therapists use specialized lymph drainage massage to move lymph fluid to the lymph nodes and correct the process. This reduces swelling and it can immediately relieve pain.

How Lymph Drainage Massage Works

The blood in your body contains more than just oxygen and nutrients, it’s the lymph system’s job to collect the mixture of proteins, water, waste products, and immune system elements in the body and filter it so that a “more pure” mixture is available for the veins to carry to the heart. When this process isn’t working correctly this fluid collects.

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