Laser Gum Surgery In NYC

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Laser periodontal surgery in NYC is a safe and effective procedure to shrink periodontal pockets, treat a gummy smile, or to improve the appearance of gums. This laser gum surgery is as painless and as anxiety-free as possible since laser gum treatment is non-invasive. This can be hugely beneficial for the patient’s whole feel nervous about dental visits.

Dr. Rahmani, Periodontist in NYC is nationally recognized as America’s Top Periodontist, one of the best periodontal specialists in the region. Dr. Rahmani provides a full range of periodontal procedures including Laser gum treatment.

As periodontal disease progresses, it gradually destroys gum tissue, the ligaments holding your teeth in place, and the bone surrounding your teeth.
The infection causes gum pockets, called periodontal pockets to develop around your teeth as the gums become looser and begin to pull away, and which soon become filled with bacteria.

If you suffer from periodontal pockets, you can visit our Manhattan Periodontics and Implant Dentistry Center in Midtown, NYC for a consultation.

Cause of Periodontitis
Periodontitisis caused by many different types of bacteria infecting the gums, which in turn prompts the body to fight back.

The result is inflammation in the gums which causes the characteristic symptoms of periodontal disease. Many of these bacteria are found in the plaque biofilm, which is a sticky layer that builds up around the gum line in the time between brushing and flossing.

If plaque isn’t thoroughly removed these bacteria will thrive and quickly multiply, hardening into calculus or tartar, and eventually resulting in periodontitis.

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