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Hip pain isn’t just a problem that affects the elderly after years of wear and tear. While older people are more likely to develop persistent hip pain than young adults, strenuous activities, accidents, and improper body movements can also cause hip pain. Early intervention raises the likelihood that you will not experience long-term chronic pain. Redefine Healthcare’s pain specialists in New Jersey are experts at diagnosing and addressing your discomfort using a variety of treatments. Call for an appointment today.

Hip pain can make your life miserable. Your Redefine Healthcare doctor specializes in finding a solution, whether your pain occurs while you’re standing, sitting, or trying to sleep. Knowing the exact location of your pain in the hips helps your doctor determine the underlying cause and tailor an effective treatment.

Because pain can be caused by a variety of factors, including both traumatic injuries and painful diseases, you should seek treatment as soon as possible.

Untreated hip pain may cause you to be unable to walk, run, or twist your upper body. Consult a specialist at our NJ pain clinic to learn how to protect these strong, load-bearing joints and remain mobile.

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