Herniated Disc in the Neck Treatment in NYC

Left untreated, a herniated disc in your neck can lead to serious consequences. Whenever you feel pain or discomfort that seems to radiate from anywhere on your spine, including your neck, don’t hesitate to see one of the best back pain specialists in Midtown Manhattan. And when you seek chronic pain management doctors near me, you will find the experts at Pain Management NYC. Call for an appointment now.

The discs along your vertebrae act as cushions because of an interior jelly-like substance. If one of these discs in your neck becomes compressed or injured, the interior of the disc can leak and result in a herniated disc in the neck diagnosis. This condition is also referred to as a slipped or ruptured disc, as the leaked inner substance reduces the amount of cushioning between your vertebral bones, causing pain and other symptoms.

Although some people with a herniated disc in the neck experience significant pain, numbness or weakness, others don’t have any symptoms. In these cases, the disc deterioration or damage isn’t discovered until an imaging test, like x-rays, reveal it. Finding the best treatment for a herniated disc in the neck is your pain management doctor’s specialty.

Causes of Herniated Discs

Disc degeneration is the main cause of a herniated disc in the neck. Aging reduces the amount of water in the individual discs. Over time, wear-and-tear of the surrounding tissues puts more and more pressure on compromised discs. The combination, especially with any added pressure, causes the ruptures.

Occasionally, heavy lifting or an injury can cause a sudden rupture in a specific disc. The accompanying symptoms can occur suddenly. Usually, however, the symptoms gradually become noticeable due to the progressive nature of disc degeneration. If you are obese, have a genetic predisposition to back problems, or are in an occupation that requires heavy lifting, you’re at greater risk of developing a herniated disc.

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