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Living with a constant need to urinate is frustrating and may signal a serious underlying condition. Fibroids are a common cause of a frequent urge to urinate in women. And while fibroids aren’t cancerous, they can lead to other uncomfortable and painful side effects. When you’re ready to find out how to stop frequent urination due to uterine fibroids, call the Brooklyn fibroid experts at the Downtown Vein & Vascular Center today to get on their schedule.

What Do I Need to Know about Frequent Urination?

Frequent urination is a condition where you feel a frequent urge to pee. This can be caused by a number of conditions or diseases that affect your urinary tract, such as urinary tract infection, a small bladder, a neurogenic bladder or a bladder tumor. Frequency may also be associated with incontinence, a condition characterized by inability to hold urine.

Needless to say, the condition triggers anxiety and leads to embarrassment. Feeling the need to pee all the time impacts your desire to go out in public or get together with friends. This troublesome condition may signal a serious disorder that needs immediate attention. Other issues must be ruled out to get an accurate diagnosis and the appropriate treatment.

Uterine fibroids are a common cause of frequent urination among women. Without appropriate treatment, fibroids can lead to complications, such as miscarriage and infertility. In Brooklyn, visit the best fibroid specialist at the Downtown Vein & Vascular Center. Dr. Sergei Sobolevsky and his talented team of professionals  are experienced in the latest fibroid treatments, as well as treatments for peripheral artery disease, and vein conditions.

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