Chronic Pain Management in Brooklyn

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Our team of pain management physicians can provide you with long-term pain relief using traditional procedures, pain block injections, and alternative treatments including stem cell therapy to have a more active and healthy life. As experts in chronic pain management, we can pinpoint the source of your pain and prescribe a personalized, time-tested treatment plan that focuses on your specific level of pain. Visit our pain management practice and meet our physicians to get the pain relief you need in the safe, reassuring hands of New York’s best pain doctors located in Downtown Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.

Pain can be very difficult to control and, sometimes, even after many months of treatment, the patient may still suffer from chronic pain. This can have many deleterious effects on one’s life. It may affect one’s job, home and relationships with others.

Chronic pain management is designed to help individuals cope with some of the effects of long-term pain. An ideal chronic pain management treatment would be one designed to reduce or eliminate the use of pain medications, maximize physical functioning, overcome psychosocial barriers to recovery and bring the patient to maximum medical improvement. If the patient has not been able to work because of chronic pain, the program may also focus on returning him or her to work or involvement in retraining for a different career.

Physical pain in the body affects millions of people. Even when pain is only mild, it can stop you from enjoying normal daily life. When the pain is intense, it can end your daily activities and take away all of the pleasure from your day.

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