7 Ways To Keep Knee Pain From Ruining Your Sex Life


According to the American Osteopathic Association, around one-third of all Americans suffer from knee pain. Along with the general pain, this might harm your sex life. The good news is that knee injuries and sensitivities don't have to put a stop to sexual intimacy; in fact, it may be beneficial to your situation. During intercourse, moving your knee through its range of motion may be beneficial, and the rush of endorphins may help you control your pain. 

If you've been avoiding sex because of discomfort or fear of irritating your knee further, try these medical and physical therapist tips to make your sex life more ooh and less ouch.

1. Exercise regularly.

Quadriceps and hamstring strengthening can help stabilize and protect the knees. If you exercise consistently, your muscles will be able to better support your knees throughout a variety of ordinary activities, including sex. Squats, step-ups, and straight-leg raises are beneficial workouts for those suffering from knee discomfort because they assist in strengthening the muscles surrounding the joint.

2. Take a bath.

Before you become amorous, take a nice Epsom salt bath. The heat may aid in the prevention of pain. A relaxing bath is also a terrific way to decompress and get in the mood, so light a few candles and turn it into a sensuous ritual. Even better, wash or bathe with your lover and incorporate the experience into the main event. 

3. Use pillows strategically.

Extra cushion is never a bad thing. Pillows can be used to cushion the body and relieve tension on the knees. Pillows can be placed beneath your knees, back, or stomach to assist you in achieving a sustainable, comfortable position. Once you've found one, try not to make too many changes. 

4. Pre-medicate.

Keep anti-inflammatory medications on hand. If you know it's a date night, Lajam recommends taking a Tylenol beforehand to ensure you're ready to go and comfortable moving. Try timing your pain relievers such that they kick in while you're having sex. 

5. Find the right position.

Keep your legs straight. If bending your knees causes pain, avoid excessive knee flexion, which can aggravate an injured or inflamed knee. Maintain an extended leg position with no external pressure on the knees. The positions that require extended crouching, squatting, or kneeling should be avoided. Stick with the missionary position or try a spooning position on your side to keep your legs straight. If standing for an extended period does not hurt, one partner can bend over the side of the bed with the knees softly bent.

6. Avoid putting direct pressure on the knees.

If you have had a knee replacement, avoid kneeling or putting weight on your knees. The kneecap repurposing is made of plastic and is not intended to be subjected to direct pressure. While applying pressure to a repaired kneecap will not harm it, it may wear out the plastic. Even if you haven't had a knee replacement, it's a good idea to avoid putting extra strain on your knees.

7. Have morning sex.

Instead of having sex in the evening, consider being intimate in the morning. Your knee discomfort may get more severe throughout the day. Simply having sex early in the day can help alleviate pain during intercourse. 


If you have tried all these methods and your knee pain still interferes with your sexual life, you should contact your knee pain specialist for help. They can determine the cause and prescribe good home remedies, medicines, exercises, and other treatments for your knee pain.

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