10 Budget Ideas for Unusual Kitchen Designs


While there's a lot to admire about the typical contemporary kitchen - bifold doors, side return extension, sleek and modern styling - many people are interested in less traditional kitchens that will have a unique aesthetic and create a special mood. So, if you enjoy the sleek utility of many contemporary kitchens but want a cooking environment with a more distinct design, there is plenty of space for creativity.

Kitchens that combine their utilitarian function with stunning, unique features and fascinating details look so stunning and cozy. Best of all, many of such spaces can integrate inexpensive solutions, demonstrating that a large budget is not necessarily required when it comes to improving the design and personality of your kitchen.

1. Thrift For Items and Materials

Instead of shopping on the main street, try salvage yards and second-hand businesses. Get creative with the raw materials available, which are often offered for a song. The cabinetry in your original kitchen can come from a demolished house with the worktops from a restaurant. Some parts can be recovered from construction objects. The materials can be found in a reclamation yard.

2. Try Modern Minimalism

A black kitchen can be a new take on the white contemporary kitchen cliche popular with the minimalist trend; they're beautiful in their own right, but not for everyone. A nice design without being flashy, dark excellent looks, and unique splashbacks can give it a lot of personality. Such design can be also incredibly pared-back, taking up minimal room while allowing some gorgeous ceiling moldings or flooring to shine.

3. Introduce Vintage Aesthetics

Don't pass up the opportunity to include pre-owned furniture into a kitchen. While new cabinets that have been professionally installed provide practical benefits, an antique piece can operate just as well and provide a touch of unique character and beauty. Try a basic wall cupboard or create a bigger impact by obtaining a large item like a former display cabinet from a department shop, which can serve as both storage and an alternate island.

4. Play With Colors and Dimensions

You can combine the classic clean contemporary cupboard doors with bold colors to give them an unexpectedly fresh modern look. The island can be set on an acrylic stand and appear to float, making the area feel larger and lighter.

5. Mix Up Materials

For a truly fresh, one-of-a-kind kitchen, avoid the minimalist, matchy-matchy design and incorporate a variety of materials. You can design a Victorian kitchen that combines antique furniture with contemporary cabinets and features opulent sheet copper as the splashback and on either end of the island. Mixing materials in different ways also helps to keep expenses down, allowing you to spend more on some features and less on others without sacrificing the overall design of the area.

6. Reuse and Recycle

You can create a kitchen made entirely from recycled materials. Some old cupboard doors can be chopped down and sanded, and the worktop can be gathered from sanded scaffolding planks. The walls can be coated with salvaged corrugated iron.

If you're not sure where to start, here are some ideas for how to reuse, recycle, or upcycle in a kitchen remodel.

  • Top your island with an antique butcher block or salvaged wood. Consider using a live-edge chunk of wood for a truly unique appearance;

  • Add some floating shelves made of salvaged wood to display dishes, glassware, and even cookbooks;

  • Incorporate a vintage or recycled light fixture. Industrial-style lighting made of galvanized pipes and Edison bulbs adds a cool touch to a kitchen with white cabinets;

  • Choose an antique farmhouse washbasin to add character and charm;

  • Replace your pantry's normal door with a salvaged barn door;

  • Reclaimed and historic hardware such as handles, knobs, and drawer pulls will add a lot of character without making you go broke.

7. Paint a Patchwork

Giving your kitchen cupboard doors a coat of paint will instantly renew them and give your space a new appearance, but why stop there? Try painting the doors in a variety of colors to create unique, eye-catching storage.

8. Brighten the Walls

Adding a vibrant color to your kitchen's walls is a simple, effective way to instantly add flare. This apartment also has vintage decorative objects that stand out against the vibrant green walls.

9. Play With Freestanding

Forget about pricey cupboards and embrace the freedom that freestanding furniture provides. This kitchen is made up of three enormous, chunky Ikea pieces, one of which contains the washbasin. Combining them with stripped flooring and salvaged wood used to coat the walls creates an intriguing contrast and gives these mainstream pieces a more thrilling, unique vibe.

10. Give Your Island a Personality

If you're having a kitchen planned from scratch and built specifically for you, why not let your creativity go wild? Instead of a traditional rectangular island, you may choose something fashioned like a boat or any other crazy thing you want it to be.

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