Adding a Promotion (deal)

Adding a Promotion (deal) in directory9 is very easy, however, a promotional deal can an only be done within a main listing account. There is a link within the main listing edit box called "Add promotion", click this to add as many promotional deals as your account allows.

There is no extra cost to add a Promotion (deal) to your listing account, it is part of the listing cost.

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Adding a Promotion to directory9

Info, Image Sizes, Keywords & Promotion Details


Promotional Information

Promotional basic information consists of a Promotion Title, Summary, Full Description, and Conditions that you can change for every promotion.  This is your window for selling your Promotional deal to customers. 

Image Sizes for Classified

To make your Promotion look good so people will what to click on it and share it, it is important to get one really good image design and to the right size so they show correctly.

There is only one image allowed in the promotion setting at this stage so do your best.  The image size is: 1024 x 768px.
The good news is you also get a cover image (top banner) so make use of the graphic display to show more images together.  The cover image size is: 1920 x 480px.  


The keywords field is for searching on directory9 only so add your keywords that relate to your promotion, try to think of words that others would use to search the directory for your promotion.

Promotion Details

This section gives you the start date and end date of your promotion along with a discount type to select and a current value field and the discounted price you are selling the promotion for.  The system will work out the discount percentage for you and show this to the customer.  Then you can control the QTY that you want to sell by adding the total amount of promotions you want to sell. 

Coupon Code Discount Type

This section allows you to select the type of code you need.  If you want a random code for every customer then use the "Generate a random code for each redeem", if you have an online shop and need to use the same code for all customers select the "Use a unique code for all redeems", then add your code.  You can take this one step further and add a QR Code, see images below.
You can create FREE QR Codes at

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directory9 Coupon Code Option directory9 Add QR Code directory9 Add Custom Code



SEO is very important if you want search engines to find you're promotion on directory9.

The SEO title will be the main title shown in the search results, the Slug URL is the last part of the full URL so you can make this URL a part of your promotion. The SEO keywords are for outside search engines to use in the search results and the description is just a basic few words.  By completing all of the fields you have a much higher chance of people finding your promotion. 

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directory9 Basic Promotion Info directory9 Promotion details and SEO

Front End View of Promotion (deal)

On the Main Listing Owners Page, there is a menu bar that shows a link to Deals if the owner has any.  Clicking this link will take the customer to the "Deals" page that will show all the deals the owner has available at that time.  This is where the one image will show so make it count.  Clicking on the image or the title will take a customer to the deal information.

Redeeming the Deal

On the deal information page, a customer can read about the deal, see a bigger image of the deal and all the information about the deal including Phone number, website, or address if added.  This area also shows the time left for this deal and the QTY available to buy.  There is a big blue button on this page for the customer to click to get the information for this deal.

To obtain a deal the customer needs to register as a "Visitor" once the Redeem button is clicked a popup coupon will be shown with the deal info and a coupon code to use for the deal.  The customer email address will be recorded against the deal.

The coupon can be used in an online shop if the owner provides details of the online shop or it can be printed out and taken to a store to be redeemed. The owner must add the coupon code to their shop for this to work.

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directory9 Listing Promotion Link Shows a list of Promotions in users listing account on directory9
View Promotion and link to redemm deal on directory9 Showing Promotion Coupon Code on directory9

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