Adding a New Listing

Creating a New Listing

To create a new account and add your first listing on directory9 click the "List with Us" at the top right of any page and select the listing type you need, then select your listing plan.  If you also want a Profile Account with your listing then first click "Log in" and select "Register".  If you already have an account Log in and go to your dashboard and click New Listing.

Depending on the listing type you have chosen, you will be required to add some basic information to the listing account, such as a title, categories and a payment option.  Once this is completed you can continue with the rest of the listing information.

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directory9 List with Us

directory9 Add listing from Dashboard

directory9 Listing Types and Listing Plans

directory9 required basic info for listing

Basic Information

When adding your listing content to your directory9 main listing it is important to spend some time and collect all your information and files before you start.  Make sure to fill out every section provided and your content is of good quality and is all about your business or organization.  Pay attention to the photo and cover banner sizes so your graphics upload and view correctly, this is a very common mistake many people do.

Listing Title

The listing title can be anything, it is best to choose words that describe your business, organization or products, however, this will depend on the listing itself.


Select the total number of categories your plan has to take full advantage for your business or organization.


In the Summary Description, make this different from the Full Description as this can be used in the SEO section for search engine results.  In the Full Description, you can go into much more detail and style to make your listing look more professional.

Keywords for the search

Keywords section is for words customers can search and find you within directory9 add keywords that you think customers will type to find your business, organization or products.

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directory9 Listing information

Contact Information

Adding your contact information is very important for people and business to find you, even if you don't want your full address unknown.

When it comes to adding your address, this can be added in 2 ways as follows;

Physical Address

This address is normally where customers can look you up and come to your location.  For this address, you just add your address as per the system format.   Do as per this example Country State, City & Suburb

A Non-Physical Address - Required steps

This address is normally an online shop or an address you don't want customers turning up at.  To make the system work for this type of address you can add a PO Box or a street name to the "address field" without disclosing your real address and number.  Complete the rest of the address as close as possible to your location, then click on the map pin and move the pin to an intersection or a park close by.  This is needed to show customers the area you are in.  If you don't fill in the address the pin will go to the centre of your country and if others do the same thing you all end up on top of each other going nowhere.  If we find such a problem we will inform you to fix this.

State - City - Suburb

These 3 fields will show up once you select your country with each one showing after the other one as you completed the address.  If your State/Region, City or Suburb is not showing, please click the "+Add a new XXXX" and type it in.  Country State, City & Suburb

Additional Locations

This section works the same way as the address section so follow the same requirements.  You can add more locations if your plan allows for this. 

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directory9 location infromation

directory9 additional Locations

Additional Information

Additional Information is extra optional information that you may like to share with customers to give them more confidence in your business or organization.  The additional information will vary depending on the listing template you are using.  If you would like to see more additional information for your template please contact us and let us know the information you would like to share.
The below screenshot is just a sample of our standard additional information template.

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directory9 additional information

Social Networks

Social network URL links to your social networking pages from the main listing page.  The Facebook URL also adds your Facebook Page to the front page of your listing so customers can see your posts.  This is optional and is not required if you don't have any.

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directory9 social networking links

directory9 Facebook View


To be found easily in search engines you need to make your SEO the best you can think like a customer when adding this information.

SEO Title

This is the main title and link the search engine will display in the search results, make this to the point.

Page Name

The page name is your listing custom URL.  You can make this name whatever you want, this plays a big role in your search results.

SEO Keywords

These keywords are for search engines so add the best search words or phrases for your business or organization.


This can be the same as the Summary Description you made in the first section of your listing.

After you have saved your listing you will be directed to your dashboard.

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directory9 SEO and Promotional Code

Images, Videos & Document

Adding visual content makes your listing much more colourful and more interreacting.

Photo Gallery

Add as many photos as your account will allow so customers can see what you have to offer.  To set a default photo to show up on the front page, just click that photo and the blue line will show next to that photo making it the "default" photo.

Cover Image

The cover image is more like a top banner image for your listing page.  You can display more about your business or organization in this image.  Note: do not make your banner to dark as the site is set with an overlay transference of 55%.


Add a video to your listing from any platform.  If you want to add more videos you can add them to the main description text box using embedded code from the video site.

Attach Additional File

You can attach a business or product brochure for your customers to download.  Select your file and type the name you want to display for your download file.

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directory9 Photos and Top Banner

directory9 Adding Video link and file


By now you should have created a very well designed directory listing that will work for you 24/7 helping to drive traffic to your business and showing to the world you are professional and serious about what you do.


The dashboard is your main hub where you can see and do everything, from adding more listings, adding other listing types, review "Reviews" and "Leads" and see your statistics.

Once you have returned to your dashboard you can see if any outstanding bills are due for payment at the top right of the page.  To preview or make changes to your listing go to the left side listing control box and click edit.

We hope this has been helpful for you, the more listing types you link to your main listing will help drive more traffic.  

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directory9 Dashboard Edit Listing

directory9 Finished listing Page

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